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Tuesday Evening

Worship at 5:30pm in Room 307
Groups at 6:00pm

Dress is casual. Come as you are!

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A Ministry of First Christian Church and Catholic Charities

Christ-Centered Support Groups at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday

We invite you to be a part of our growing recovery family – we offer you warmth, friendship, and connections with others who happen to be addicted to substances. We travel the road to healing and sobriety together. Join others who are fighting the good fight. Many participants engage in this group in addition to their AA meetings. You are welcome here. We use a 12- step program with biblical comparisons.
C – Co-Dependency A – Abuse R – Relationships E – Emotions

Have you ever been pushed, hit, kicked, and treated like an object sexually? Have your feelings been ignored; your beliefs, class, values been ridiculed? This is abuse and it causes emotional problems, spiritual problems, illness, low self-esteem, isolation, co-dependency, and depression for you. Your children are fearful and have an increased risk of being abused. His low self-esteem and his beliefs of power and control through violence are enabled. You can learn to break the cycle.

Many of us display “road rage” from time to time, but what if it’s more than occasional? And what about the rage in the rest of our lives? Anger can be a healthy emotion, that helps protect us and others from danger, but aggression through action, language, violence and abuse can damage our friendships, our marriages, our careers and ourselves. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between controlling our anger and suppressing it, and finding the real roots of it can be challenging. Members of this group learn how to deal with this emotion as well as sharing success stories.
Every family has a challenge from time to time. There may be grief, divorce, loss of employment, parent/child communication stuggles, or a blended family that needs a clearer understanding of ways to make it work. Family Challenges is a safe place for adults to share their stories and meet others who are facing or who have faced similar challenges. The leaders know because they have all been there at one time.

For more information contact: Director of Common Ground Recovery Ministries