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The Prayer Team for Persecuted Church is devoted to the cause of persecuted Christians throughout the world. Very often, we write cards to imprisoned Christians. We always pray and strive to bring this cause of the attention of other Christians. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 5 pm in room 310.

warrior ribbon-1Soldier Shepherds

In times of war, it becomes critically important to nurture the spiritual wellbeing of those in our flock that serve in the armed forces and their families. Just as we minister to congregational members that are suffering in mind, body or spirit through by-name prayer, visitation and benevolence, our service members and their families require the same attention.

As a country, we ask our military sons and daughters to step into harm’s way and, if necessary, answer the call to make the supreme sacrifice for our way of life. Regardless of any citizen’s position to our government’s policy concerning waging war, we must always remember that our military members are children of God and are volunteers in service to the greater good of humankind. It is not personal or public opinion that rings important in these circumstances. It is the unrelenting fact that they are in service to a higher cause. And as the scripture tells us, God will guide their steps.

Men and women placed in extreme life and death situations are presented with the opportunity to truly clarify their faith. This personal introspection may slant positive or negative based on the individual’s support apparatus. I truly believe Satan is waiting for his opportunity. As followers of Christ, we must be there as well. We are charged in the Great Commission to make disciples. Therefore we have an obligation support and edify those in our congregation whose lives are directly entwined in our country’s state of war.

We can ill afford, or should we expect, the mainstream media to bring about the level of attention necessary for a Christian to discern the impact of human suffering manifested through armed conflict.

Lack of awareness from the benefactors of those who serve in times of war will lead to a national defeat and open the spiritual door for those forces seen and unseen that wish us harm. We are the Church. We have a mission. Therefore, First Christian Church, (Disciples of Christ) established The Soldier Shepherds.

The purpose of the Solider Shepherds ministry is designed to support our individual military members and their families and bring awareness to the congregation’s ministerial concerns. Our ministry includes:

Yellow Ribbon Service: Our ministers officiate a memorial service for each church member deployed to a combat zone. A yellow ribbon as it is placed on a tree in the Muir Woods by a family member. The ribbon will remain until the service member returns home.

  • Intercessory prayer: From the pulpit at all Sunday morning services for each deployed member until they return home.
  • Honor to Service: Establish an officially dedicated church bulletin board with a photo of each deployed member for all to see and personally honor with recognition and prayer.
  • Soldier Shepherd Committee: Formed to monitor the ministry and ensure the support to the deployed member’s family.

The Soldier Shepherd ministry will go into effect anytime our country is at war. We, as a congregation, will let each of our members that are serving in harm’s way know that they are kept in our prayers and the wish for a safe return home by the grace of God. We will continue to spiritually shepherd these young Christian servants until the horror of war has come to an end.

The Military Shepherding Committee
Debbi Schmidt, 2011

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke