Featured Study Group

Religion and Art

Artworks can be a key to the scriptures, unlocking meaning and symbolism. Beginning October 2nd, Dr. Francine Carraro, Museum Director and Bible student, will facilitate discussions of artworks dealing with Bible stories in this 8-week study. Using contemporary and historic artworks to deepen Bible study, each session will elucidate the visual and verbal descriptions of Christ Jesus’ parables and stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each 45-minute session will provide opportunities for substantive engagement with Bible stories through art. Discussions will not be about art history or art criticism, but rather how artists have described and interpreted Bible stories and how we can think more deeply about Christian themes through art. The discussions will create a constructive  &  collaborative way to express ideas using visual thinking strategies to delve into Bible study. Your observations and analysis will be valued in these discussions.

Fall Bible Study 

“More to Your Story” by Max Lucado – Begins September 21

The 6 session DVD study, will journey with Max Lucado through the New Testament in search of God’s narrative. The class meets inn room 310 beginning Wednesday, September 21 at 10:30 a.m Please call the church office to register. Sheri Sutton, teacher.

Advent Study Group 

The Redemption of Scrooge – Begins November 27

Ebenezer Scrooge is a man in dire need of a second chance. Is redemption possible for such a greedy, dark and sad character? The Advent study from author Matt Rawle’s “The Pop in Culture” series shows us how the teaching of Jesus can be found in Dicken’s Christmas classic. Join us as we explore this familiar story through the lens of faith. This four-week study will be led by Rev. Renee Hoke in Room 305. Call the church office early to register so study materials can be purchased.


Sunday School Classes

Disciples Class – Cooperative Uniform Study Series

The Disciples Class meets in room 308 and is composed of senior adult couples and singles who are using the Present Word Quarterlies. Music and song plays an important part of the Disciples morning worship. Since its beginning in the 1930’s, the class has initiated and participated in many projects supporting the programs of the church and is ever receptive to opportunities for service. Marilyn Vaughn, teacher.

Discovery Class “More to Your Story” by Max Lucado

The Discovery Class meets in room 310 and was organized in September of 1987. We explore a wide range of Bible Related Study topics and are contemporary in our thinking. We are very involved with the needs of our church family and community. We participate in various committees, cook meals for assorted groups, host HHH riders by furnishing dinner and pre-ride breakfast along with a place to rest. Where there is a need we do our best to fulfill it. Susan Buckley, teacher.


Journey Through Scripture – A New Journey: Jesus and the Gospels

We will take a closer look at how Jesus is presented through the Four Canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the Apocryphal Gospels (those not accepted as part of the New Testament we read today). We will consider the Gospels as literary compositions when they were written, why they were written, how they were written, etc.-during the development of Christianity. We will consider how each Gospel leads readers to encounter Jesus. This journey is open to all adults seeking to grow in the Christian Faith. Leader: Larry Spradley. You are invited to come along for the journey on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m. in the Parlor.


Keystone Class

Keystone class meets in room 306 at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings. For the next 8 weeks we will join Dr. Francine Carraro’s featured study group “Religion and Art”. The class enjoys discussing present day applications of the scripture lesson and related topics. In addition to the lesson, the Class participates in outreach projects such as Coats for Kids and stuffing stockings for needy children at Christmas. Shared Teaching responsibilities.


Open Door Class – Study of Genesis

The Open Door class is a gathering of faithful, thoughtful, inquisitive Christians who strive to fulfill the Greatest Commandment, which is “to love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and mind.” Originally consisting of members of Highland Heights Christian Church, and led most recently by the much-beloved Jim Zug, class members strive to love God with their minds by engaging in a serious, thoughtful study of scripture. Debates in class are often spirited, but always in the spirit of Christian love. Joyful laughter is common and guests are always welcomed as longtime friends. Currently taught by Senior Minister Dave Hartman, the class is presently undertaking a chapter by chapter study of the Book of Genesis.


Searchers Class – Exploring the New Testament

The Searchers Class meets in room 304 and is composed of a broad spectrum of Christian adults mainly in their 40’s+ who are interested in seeking Biblical truths and applying them to their everyday lives. The current curriculum will explore the Gospel of Matthew thru the Book of Revelation. The class selects topics of interest to its members. The informal discussions are led by class members sharing their views, knowledge and opinions. Class members sponsor several community projects throughout the year and have many fellowship activities together to keep their unity strong. Shared Teaching responsibilities.


The Wired Word Class

Young Adult/College Age persons are invited to study and fellowship weekly. The curriculum is The Wired Word which delivers a ready-to-use, weekly lesson right to your email inbox. Each lesson includes biblical commentary and discussion questions related to a topic in the news that week. This class meets in the Church Library and Chris Showalter, Doug & Cary Thompson have Shared Teaching Responsibilities.


Chi Rho & CYF 

Experiencing Hubble: Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe

Drawing on one noted astronomer’s Top 10 list, to take you on a dazzling voyage of discovery that delights the eye, feeds the imagination, and unlocks new secrets of the universe in 12 spectacularly illustrated half-hour lectures Shared Teaching responsibilities.
























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